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Stamplay enables you to create fully fledged web applications without coding the back-end and forgetting the infrastructure. You don’t have to worry about backend, keeping up with API changes of services you’re using – Stamplay takes care of that, you just need to focus on making your apps awesome. Stamplay brings together building blocks and services API in a way that developers only need to pick them and define rules like “When a user sign up with Facebook, send him a welcome email” or “When a user submit this form, assign him 10 points, and if he gets to 100 points reward him with a badge”. Super easy. However with everything this can come to a head where you know what you want, but can’t see how to get it. Or the developer who worked on it, moved on etc. Web style can help, we are full of knowledge relating to integrations with Stamplay. We can also use Stamplay to quickly get a project to market, by using its database infustructure to reduce development time. Let us know your requirements and we can help.


Please let us know more about your Stamplay project