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Smart Au Pairs AU and Infusionsoft API Development

Smart Au Pairs AU and Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft has enabled Nicole and her team to streamline their Au Pair matching process, allowing for customised communications depending on the customer stage and prospect.

“The flexibility and capability of Infusionsoft is almost limitless” – Nicole Kofkin MD Smart Au Pairs AU

Smart Au Pairs AU

Smartaupairs is an au pair agency started in the UK from passion & vision by Nicole, she built up the business using her personal experiences and previous marketing background.  She later used this knowledge and network to get started in setting ups Smartaupairs in Australia.

In the early days of Smart Au Pairs AU the au pair industry in Australia was still quite small and most Australian families were not familiar with the program and the benefits of hosting an au pair. Their challenges had been all about getting families to know and trust the company to organise their au pair placement, not just explaining the au pair program.

Web Style have a long running relationship with Smart Au Pairs, building their first website, and later modifying it for the Australian market. The website has always been a bespoke development project and now one that directly integrates into the Infusionsoft API.

The Process of deciding on Infusionsoft

“We had used the original system for over 5 years. So much had changed both inside our business and in the way customers wanted to use our service.” – Nicole Kofkin MD Smart Au Pairs AU


Smart Au Pairs needed more segmentation of customers and prospects, wanting to engage different email communications with different groups of customers. They had used the original site for over 5 years, and the technology / way they interacted with their customers had vastly changed.

Smart Au Pairs decided on Infusionsoft for a few reasons –

The Infusionsoft software allowed Smart Au Pairs to use this great CRM system but also integrate via API with a separate bespoke matching system. – The nature of the business required them to have a “matching system” which linked Families and Au Pairs with similar criteria together.  Both sets of content were synced per data field via the API, so content could either be updated in the matching system or via InfusionSoft.


“There is some functionality that is totally customized for our needs and could not be provided by Infusionsoft. This way, we get the best of both worlds, the general functionality from Infusionsoft enhanced by the customized functionality of our own system. Infusionsoft will make sure that all of the general functionality is developed inline with ever-changing customer needs.” – Nicole Kofkin MD Smart Au Pairs AU

The outcome

Since using Infusionsoft Smart Au pairs are able to restructure how they contact customers and make this more effective and targeted. Allowing them to focus on those engaged prospects as well as staying in contact with long term prospects.

“In a small team, it is now much easier to see who is doing what and to re-distribute tasks if needed. It avoids task duplication as well as tasks being missed.” – Nicole Kofkin MD Smart Au Pairs AU


This system has also allowed Smart Au Pairs AU to improve its general efficiency, avoiding duplicating and missing tasks. Infusionsoft has also now given them to opportunity to grow the business further without having to invest in more team members, with the potential to improve their conversion rate.


A Short Testimonial from Nicole Kofkin, owner of Smart Au Pairs Australia –


“We worked closely together with Web Style to achieve a total upgrade of all of our systems. This is a substantial project for any small business and should be managed carefully with the guidance of an experienced agency. Grace proved to be a highly capable project manager and enabled effective communication between our team and their developers. Web Style have gained significant knowledge of Infusionsoft and its API opportunities.

The flexibility and capability of Infusionsoft is almost limitless, however, we recommend this vast capacity to be handled with care from the beginning. Plan to start with the right foundation and then expand as you gain knowledge and confidence. Infusionsoft allows you to keep adding and refining as you go.”